July 9th (Tue) Global Challenge for Disaster Prevention Education Program Using XR! (Industry-academia collaboration event between PADECO Co., Ltd., Pacific Consultants Co., Ltd., and Keio University India-Japan Research Lab)

Jul 5, 2024

C Workshop Co., Ltd. (CEO: Sachiko Takane, Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo), which proposes and promotes educational methods using XR, will hold the “Global Challenge for Disaster Prevention Education Programs Using XR!” on Tuesday, July 9th at an industry-academia collaboration event with PADECO Co., Ltd., Pacific Consultants Co., Ltd., and Keio University Japan-India Research Lab.


■About the “Global Challenge for Disaster Prevention Education Programs Using XR!”


This program uses XR (Cross Reality) technology to propose more effective disaster prevention education methods. Through a four-hour workshop with participants active in international development consulting, we will introduce educational approaches using VR (Virtual Reality). In preparation for a disaster occurring when young children are at school, we will hold a talk session on how to identify necessary knowledge and deficiencies and teach children how to protect themselves.


In the first half, we will introduce examples of educational methods using XR, and using WebVR, participants will participate from their smartphones or PCs to share new disaster prevention learning ideas. In the second half, participants will use the XR platform to create their own VR scenes and experience them using VR goggles. This program is not just an experience, but also aims to solve more fundamental problems by placing objects through scene creation and immersing themselves in the scene. By experiencing the metaverse space, which is not the real world, it is expected that participants will be able to generate ideas for future use in other work.


Participants will think about appropriate actions and risks during disasters, share ideas focusing on schools, and finally discuss with participants. In collaboration with C Workshop Co., Ltd., Padeco Co., Ltd., Keio University Japan-India Research Lab, and Pacific Consultants Co., Ltd., scenes with different disaster situations and cultural backgrounds will be simulated in VR space, which will enable training that is in line with real-world challenges and complexities. This program aims to promote learning from a global perspective and contribute to strengthening cooperation in the international community. There is a lot of interest and expectation in this event, which explores new methods for understanding the importance of disaster prevention education and putting it into practice.


■Event details

Date: July 9, 2024

Location: Padeco Inc. Head Office Broadcasting Studio

(5F Shin-Onarimon Building, 6-17-19 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo)

Lecturer: Takane Sachiko