Joint Webinar Series on India Japan Innovation Potentials on Technology, Culture, and Development

Dec 4, 2020


Organized by Keio University India Japan Laboratory (IJL) in cooperation with Rakuten Inc.


On November 25th, the first webinar on “Potential for Innovation in Japan-India: Technology, Culture, and Development” organized by Rakuten, Inc. and Keio University India Japan Laboratory (IJL) was held. Many students and young researchers from countries overseas, including Japan and India, participated in the first webinar, and active discussions were conducted on the great potential of innovation based on cooperation between Japan and India.

There are three webinar series in total, the second webinar will be held on December 16th and the third webinar will be held on January 29th. We are looking forward to many participants from various fields.


About this open webinar series
 Since its establishment, Keio University India Japan Laboratory (IJL) has been engaged in a wide range of activities to enhance the possibilities of education, research, innovation, and entrepreneurship of students and young researchers between India and Japan. We are pleased to announce that an open webinar will be held jointly by Rakuten, Inc., which operates Japan’s largest e-commerce and online market, and IJL. Rakuten is a rapidly growing company with the establishment of the Rakuten Institute of Technology Development Center in Bengaluru, as a pioneer in e-commerce in India. With the goal of future innovation and sustainable development, Rakuten and Keio IJL will work closely together to cultivate the young talents of Japan and India.

Detail of the webinar series
All three open webinar series will be held from 60 to 90 minutes each, including presentations and discussions as follows.

  • 1st Webinar: India – Japan innovation
    Date & Time: Nov 25th  WED- 15:30 – 16:30 JST / 12.00 -13.00 IST
    Speakers: Jun Murai (Keio University); Yukio Takeyari (Former Sony India Software Centre) Tsubasa Shiraishi (Rakuten Inc.); Kotaro Kataoka (IIT-H); Rajib Shaw (Keio Univ.)
  • 2nd Webinar: Healthy Urban Lifestyle
    Date & Time: Dec 16th WED- 15:30 – 16:30 JST / 12.00 -13.00 IST
    Speakers: Kaz Ohashi (The Yoga Organization of Japan); Akiko Kato (Keio Univ.); Ashutosh Singh (Rakuten Inc. & Patanjali Japan Foundation); Rajib Shaw (Keio Uni.)
  • 3rd Webinar: Sustainable Development
    Date & Time: Jan 29th FRI- 17:30 – 18:30 JST / 14.00 -15.00 IST
    Speakers: Rajib Shaw (Keio University) and Anjula Gurtoo (Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru)

How to register for this webinar series
Please register online for the coming webinar series in the following URL or QR code. Looking forward to your participation.
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