Academic Papers

A Water-Energy-Food Nexus-Based Conceptual Approach for Developing Smart Urban-Rural Linkages in Nagpur Metropolitan Area, India
The paper presents a knowledge-based conceptual framework that presents an overall picture of the water resource flow (specifically from a Water-Energy-Food nexus perspective) between urban and rural areas within NMA. Based on the developed framework, the study suggests feasible directions for smartly linking the upcoming developments in Nagpur Smart city and adjacent Rurban cluster.
Role of Smart Cities in Optimizing Water-Energy-Food Nexus: Opportunities in Nagpur, India
In view of the rising water, energy, and food (collectively referred to as WEF) demands in cities and the interlinkages between WEF systems, this study aims to highlight the role of SC in enhancing WEF resource efficiency from a nexus perspective. To study the current trends of SC developments first, a specific case of proposed Nagpur smart city (India) is reviewed based on document analysis and preliminary discussions with local government officials.