May 27, 2022

India Japan Laboratory, Keio University, Sakal India Foundation (Pune) and Indo-Japan Business Council (Pune) are jointly organizing a three-day webinar scheduled on 27th, 28th and 29th of May 2022 for the duration of two hours each day, from 12:00-14:00 IST (15:30-17:30 JST) on higher education in Japan.

The main speakers are as follows:
27/05/2022 Friday
Mr. Yasuhiro Yonehara, First Secretary, Embassy of Japan, New Delhi
“Introduction to study in Japan”
28/05/2022 Saturday
Mr. Yuji NIshikawa, Senior Researcher, Japan Science and Technology Exchange Center (JISTEC)
“Sakura Science Programme”
Ms. Mika Kunieda, Assistant Professor, Keio University SFC
“Introduction to Keio University”
29/05/2022 Sunday
Ms. Noriko Nasukawa, Founder & Director, Nihongo Centre, New Delhi
” Serious career options in Japan onto Specific career opportunity
Sector-wise, such as health, IT, engineering, import-export, etc.”

Moderator: Ms. Tomo Kawane, Senior Researcher, India Japan Laboratory, Keio University

Each day we will hear a testimony from Indian students who are studying in Japan or have chosen to work in Japan.
Interactive sessions are to be held with Mr. Siddharth Deshmukh, President of IJBC and Ms. Tomo Kawane.
Please join us using the link below to participate via Zoom link:
Each day the programme will be broadcasted live on the facebook page of Sakal India Foundation :

(12:00-14:00 IST/ 15:30-17:30 JST)
Please join us !!