Celebrating 70 Years of India-Japan Diplomatic Relations: Online Business Insight Series (Talk Show)

Jun 6, 2022

In celebrating 70 years of the diplomatic relations between India and Japan, India Japan Laboratory of Keio University has organized four talk shows on business insights by inviting four senior business leaders on their business philosophy and potentials of future business in their respective field.

Talk 1.  PADECO Co., Ltd. (Mr. Yuichiro Motomura, Chairman and Founder)

Talk 2.  WOTA (Mr. Ryo Yamada, then CEO, current CDO)

Talk 3.  RAKUTEN INDIA (Mr. Tsubasa Shiraishi, Vice Chairman)

Talk 4.  Tata Consultancy Services (Mr. Shashank Kulkalni, JDC Service Delivery Head and Vice President, TCS Japan)