Sakura Science Programme 2023 at Mita Campus: Keio University Receives 49 Indian Students from 10 Universities

Sep 26, 2023

On 25th and 26th September 2023, Keio University received 49 students from 10 universities as a part of Sakura Science Exchange Program 2023, supported by Japan Science and Technology Agency of Government of Japan, as their first destination in Japan.  We invited India Japan Laboratory consortium members, Mr. Yukjihiro Funyu of Yokogawa Elecrics and Mr. Mitsuaki Okazaki from Rakuten, to share valuable inputs from their business experience with India.  India-Japan science and technology scene was the theme.  Indian students had exchage with current international students of Keio University, discussing various topics about study, food, and life in Japan.  We sincerely hope that there will be more exchanges of students between India and Japan.