ソーシャルイノベーションチャレンジ(Social Innovation Challenge、SIC)は慶應義塾大学日印研究・ラボ(IJL)とインド科学大学(Indian Institute of Science、IISc)の社会政策センターと共同で実施されました。



日印の評価委員による厳正な審査後、2021年1月29日に行われた第三回ウェビナー「日印のイノベーションの可能性について」において、SIC2020の4つのテーマ毎にトップ3の受賞者等が発表され、5つのチームには「Certificate of Excellence」が授与されました。





第一位入賞: Sai Bhargav Reddy Vootkuru (Biomass Logic’S’ – Paddy yield forecasting model using satellite imagery)

第二位入賞: Jeslin Merin Sajeev (Solar Powered IOT Controlled Pipeline)

第三位入賞: Arpan Kumar Sharma (Solar Water Purifier)


Certificate of Excellence

  1. Jonnala Suhani (Smart Water Management System)
  2. Aparajethaa K (Neel Gendh-Water Ball)
  3. Lindsay Shantha Rubia K (Water supply management system)
  4. Sri Varuni S.B (Detecting, shielding and storing rainwater)
  5. Abhishek Divakar (Innovative solar tubular daylight device coupled with solar water heater for villages)



第一位入賞: Aviral Kumar Goel (Smart Stick)

第二位入賞: Niranjan Santhosh (The Solar Powered Mask and Gloves Disposable Unit)

第三位入賞: Smruti Prangya Behera (BioBottle: Elixir of Life)


Certificate of Excellence

  1. Varun Shilesh (Smart Stick for visually impaired)
  2. Venkata Neeraj (Hybrid Closed-Loop Insulin Delivery System)
  3. Sourabh Kulkarni (Attachable Hand-bike for Manual Wheelchair)
  4. Naman Tuli (Epiderma-Skin Cancer Detection Portal)
  5. Ayush Garg (Satya Chatbot)



第一位入賞: Krishna Gilda (Aasha- A new hope)

第二位入賞: Anagha Vasista (Nirbhaya -Women’s Safety Device)

第三位入賞: Shalini Das (Virtual Self Defense Training with AI)


Certificate of Excellence

  1. Devansh Gupta (Sanitary Pad Dispensing Machine)
  2. Saloni Parekh (Pragati – Progress begins at home)
  3. Pooja M (Women Safety Assistive application with face based blood pressure analysis)
  4. Induja J Menon (Restructuring Public Participation in Urban Governance)
  5. Ananya Madhusmita (Sports for all)



第一位入賞: Ahmer Bashir Shah (Instant conversion of human hair wastes from salons and chicken poultry wastes into NPK, amino acids and micronutrient rich novel organic liquid fertilizer for ready to use in agriculture)

第二位入賞: Manorama Maharana (Project Aasha)

第三位入賞: Azeem Husain Khan (A Portal for Farmers to Sell their Produce at a Better Rate)


Certificate of Excellence

  1. Adrija Chakraborty (Accident Prevention and Condition Monitoring of Industrial Machines)
  2. Rohan Goyal (Smart Farming)
  3. Ananth O N (Sewage cleaner)
  4. Shashank Shekhar Pramod Tiwari (Umang – Multi functional table)
  5. Vishwanath Shastry (Digital Number Plate)